Easter 2015

Happy Easter!

Yesterday, the Easter Bunny visited our town, so after our non-nap (Harlow jumping around in her crib for 1.5 hours) we packed up and went downtown to meet up with a friend to see the Easter Bunny.  Harlow had zero interest in meeting the main event (but to be fair, it was a creepy looking bunny…) and she also wanted nothing to do with riding the carousel, so we just watched her friend, Ethan, and his mommy ride it.  We lasted about 20 minutes, total, before heading back home.  Which is why I have no photos of the actual outing… just the craziness before.  Oh, well!  Such is life in the world of a toddler.


Lunch fit for a Bunny!


Runaway bunny!


Hop, hop, hop!

Today we’re spending a low-key Easter Sunday here at the Baby Steps household.  The Easter Bunny visited us, and left some baskets and some eggs to find, but the rest of the day will just be a typical Sunday, just with bunny(ish)-shaped pancakes instead of normal ones…




Even Abbey got a gift from the Easter Bunny!



What is in a 2 year old girl’s Easter Basket?

Easter 20152 sippy cups, both found at Target, but I couldn’t find them online.

An Earth’s Best pouch

A cute raincoat

An Easter Book

A pair of $1 Minnie Mouse socks (dollar section of Target)

Have a fantastic Easter Sunday!

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It’s Been A While…

Well, heeeeeyyyy!!! Long time, huh?  So… what is new?  A lot has happened in the last week or two.  Hopefully I can remember even half of it! First up, Harlow’s second birthday party!  It was an absolute blast.  Everyone had a great time, and she loves her new kitchen!  She has been playing with it nonstop since the party!

Some other things that have happened… we had Harlow’s 2 year checkup.  She’s doing great.  She’s 22lbs, 14oz (3rd percentile for weight) and 34in (60th percentile for height).  Again, the doctor says she’s skinny, but he’s not worried because she always has been, and she’s really healthy.  She’s far exceeding some of her physical and verbal milestones, which is fantastic. She’s a total fashionista.  She loves putting on her Cabbage Patch Doll’s shoes and picking out her own clothes & hair accessories!

Oh, the other exciting thing is that we’ve been off bottles now for 10 days!  It hasn’t been a total breeze, but it hasn’t been nearly as bad as I expected!  We’ve had three really rough nights, but other than those three, she has actually slept through the night on her own! At her doctor’s appointment, I mentioned that she still had one bottle per night, and he really put me on the spot by telling Harlow directly, three times, that she was too big for bottles and she was to have no more bottles!  I was really irritated at him at the time, (I felt like I had to act on it immediately or send her mixed signals about it) especially during our 3 hour nighttime ordeal, but it has gone over pretty well, and I realize now that I probably needed that push. I had a blank card laying around that had a picture of a Fairy on it, and wrote out a message from the Bottle Fairy about how the Bottle Fairy had been told by Harlow’s doctor that Harlow was a big girl and didn’t need her bottles anymore, so the Bottle Fairy was going to take them and give them to a baby who did need them.  Then (luckily) I had a stuffed giraffe (it is the kind that is filled partially with rice or something, and you can put it in the microwave to make it warm and cozy and fragrant) that I hadn’t given her yet, so I left that from the Bottle Fairy.


So, basically, even after so much time away, there isn’t a lot of new stuff going on.  I think I mentioned we are looking for a new house, so we’ll be touring homes soon (today, actually) but… yeah.  That’s about it.  Aren’t you happy you are all caught up?  I’ll leave you with a couple of random photos, since I need to go get Harlow who has been jumping around in her crib for an hour instead of napping…  *sigh*  That girl… I wish I had 1/8th of her energy.


wpid-20150403_080311.jpg wpid-20150401_174017.jpg


Birdwatching at dinner.

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Two Years Ago Today…

Two years ago today I woke up just after midnight, certain that the Mexican food I’d had for dinner had been a bad idea.

4 days

4 days before Harlow’s birth.

Two years ago today, after 9 hours of pain, I finally started to admit that maybe I was in labor, (but probably not) and started timing the contractions… 4 minutes apart, lasting 1 minute.  I called my doctor, apologetically, explaining the Mexican food situation.  She told me I had to go to the hospital.  Now.  I called Chris to come home from work (I had insisted he go in… of course I wasn’t in labor…), and texted my boss that I wouldn’t be in after all, since I had texted him earlier that I wasn’t feeling well and would be in after lunch.

Two years ago today, our birth plan all but flew out the window as things happened pretty quickly, and almost none of the grand ideas on our 3(!) birth plans felt important anymore.  It was just a blur of lovely pain, and breathing, and holding hands, and breathing, and eye contact… and then that sweet, wonderful man with the epidural.

Two years ago today, the baby’s heart-rate dropped into the 60’s.  The doctor and nurses said we had to get the baby out.  Now.  I pushed twice, and saw the look the doctor and nurse gave each other… astonishment that it was happening so fast.  I pushed once more.

Two years ago today, I heard someone say it was a girl.  I heard my husband’s voice break as he said out loud the name we had chosen for a girl.  Harlow Cassidy.  (Good thing, since we hadn’t settled on a boy’s name!)

it's a girl

Two years ago today, at 5:40pm, I fell in love more completely than I ever imagined possible.  I had no way of knowing then, and I suspect I still don’t completely know, the depth of my devotion to my daughter.  How much joy she brings me.  How much patience I have to muster sometimes.  How little sleep I can get and still push through.  How worried I can be about her.  Her health, her happiness, her development.  How much she makes me laugh.

Two years ago today, we became a family.


Happy birthday to my sweet, independent, fearless, stubborn, happy, smart, beautiful daughter.  You make each day more joyful than the last.



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St. Patty’s Day Baby

Today is my husband’s birthday.

That makes me happy.

That is all.

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The Great Disappearing 3rd ‘Fix!!!

So I wrote up a nice little review of my third Stitchfix a while back.  I even posted it, and pinned it, and got some feedback on it.

I went to look at it yesterday, and it is GONE.  *Poof!*  Into thin air.

Houdini would be proud.  Criss Angel would be mesmerized.  David Blaine would be in a coffin under the Atlantic for 48 days or something… so… we’re not going to tell him.

I’ve Googled how to retrieve missing posts, or how to undelete accidentally deleted posts (which is what must have happened, right?) and have found nothing. Thanks, Google.  Giving the side-eye to you, too, WordPress.

So, since I still want to have a record of my 3rd attempt at Stitchfix, I am just going to do a quick, abbreviated post.

Ladies & Gentlemen, here we have: My 3rd ‘Fix… Again.

PicMonkey Collage

RD Style – Shermineh Faux Leather Detail Ponte Pant – RETURNED (They no fittie.)


Olive & Oak – Connie Graphic Print Fringe Cardigan – RETURNED (Too butt-centric.)


Market & Spruce – Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee – RETURNED (Not a fan of the duck tail in back.)


Octavia – Yuna Lace Print Infinity Scarf – RETURNED (Liked, but didn’t know what to wear it with.)

IMG_654341 Hawthorn – Harriet Chevron Print Detail Dress – KEPT (So cute!)


There ya go.  Fin.

Tell Me:

Have you had any problems with disappearing posts?  I’m all ears!

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What I Did This Weekend – {3/14 – 3/15}

It was another great weekend, ya’ll!  I didn’t take many photos, though, unfortunately.

First up, some news!  Harlow dropped her “night-night” bottle!  (We still have one in the middle of the night, but this is big, people!  She might not be a 12 year old still needing a bottle!)

Let’s back up… Thursday evening as I was getting Harlow’s stuff ready for bed, I realized my ineptitude as a mother that there were no bottles clean.  I gave her a sippy cup with milk and crossed my fingers.  It worked!  We’ve done that every night since, and last night, she didn’t even want it at actual bedtime!  We just read books and went to sleep!  I’m really excited about this development.

Okay, back to the weekend.

Harlow and I went up to my parents’ house again for the weekend so Chris could work on her birthday surprise.  We left after I got out of work on Friday.  Harlow was awake and happy the entire trip up.  She was singing, and laughing, and pointing out squirrels and birds… it was a fantastic trip up.  She was so excited to be going to Grandpa’s house again!  She is obsessed with my dad.  She wants to be around him as often as possible!

Once we got there she was awake until LATE!  She didn’t want to miss a single thing.  I think she finally went down around 9:30pm or 10pm.

Saturday morning, my parents, Harlow, and I went to breakfast.  Harlow was gifted a teddy bear from a kind elderly man we see in there sometimes.  Actually, he had gifted her a frog about a year ago, and she still loves it!  He keeps a stash of new toys in his car for when he sees littles out and about.  It is very sweet.  You can tell it makes him really happy to do it.

We stopped by my sister’s house for a while to play and visit (my other sister lives next door, so she and my niece came over for a bit, too).

Back at my parents’ house, Harlow was REALLY fighting her nap, so eventually I just made her sit in my lap and this happened:


Lap naps are a rare thing, indeed, and I really enjoyed it.  I watched Fixer Uppers and even caught a few zzz’s myself.  So nice.

We met one of my sisters and her family for pizza that night, and Harlow (once again) did SO great.  We pretty much never eat out at home, so it is surprising that she does so well when we are out and about traveling, since it is fairly infrequently.

My s-mom bought this card for an aunt’s birthday.  I thought it was hilarious.  (Plus, Harlow’s new teddy bear is peeking in the background.)


Sunday was more of the same.  Breakfast, then playing with Grandpa.


At about noon, I packed up the car and said goodbye to the parents & my lil bro who had popped home that morning to see us.  Harlow & I headed out to meet my sister and niece for lunch and coffee.  After that, we hit the road toward home.  Harlow slept until Holland, when we stopped to get plates/etc… for her party.

I also found this for my lil bro’s upcoming Irish 5k.


The last hour of the drive, she was once again awake and playing peek-a-boo, and singing.  She is truly a joy.  Such a fun, happy girl.

When we got home, Chris made us go in the other door to keep her birthday project hidden.  Later, he called me out to look at his progress.  I didn’t take any photos, because I really want to do a big reveal, but it is looking AWESOME!  I was jumping-up-and-down-excited.  I’m so glad I married a handy guy!

The first thing I did when we got home is change Harlow’s diaper.  While that was happening, Harlow spotted her footie jammies and insisted on changing into them.  Then I unloaded the car while she had a snack.  Once that was done, Harlow commandeered my flip-flops and demanded to watch Jake & The Neverland Pirates.  Okay, she didn’t demand… she asked very sweetly, so I caved.


Once Harlow was in bed, Chris got back home from picking up some dinner (nobody felt like cooking).  He saw that The Miller’s had just started on TV and said I had to watch it.  He had seen it while I was gone and knew it was right up my alley.  Seriously?  My face hurt from laughing so much.  That is a funny, funny movie.  I loved it.  (I also loved the black bean burger & fries & deep fried mushrooms he picked up for dinner!  Yum!)

That’s it, folks.  Another weekend in the books.  It was a fantastic one, which was also sooo nice in the weather department!

Tell Me

What was your favorite thing about the weekend?

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Friday the 13th Randomness

To send this week off with a backhanded wave, I thought I’d share a few fun, random things.


  • If I were to commit a crime, it would probably resemble this.  In prison, they’d ask, “Whatcha in for?” and I’d have to answer, “Cheese”.  Then I’d probably get shanked.


  • Random thought… the meaning of “blowout” changes dramatically after having a child.


  • I’m obsessed with these shoes.

Michael Kors Shoes


  • I forgot to share the silly thing I did on my birthday that made me way more happy than it should have because I’m a total nerd…  I got fuel and stopped the pump at $36 to commemorate my birthday.  See?  Total dork.



  •  I took this picture one year ago today.  Where did my baby go, exactly?


Happy Friday!


Life in Leggings Linkup!

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