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Two Years Ago Today…

Two years ago today I woke up just after midnight, certain that the Mexican food I’d had for dinner had been a bad idea. Two years ago today, after 9 hours of pain, I finally started to admit that maybe … Continue reading

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Harlow-isms – 22 Months

I haven’t done an update on Harlow for a long time, I know.  She just turned 22 months old on Sunday, and while the big milestones are past, like sitting up, crawling, and walking, the things you can do grand … Continue reading

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20 Months

Harlow turned 20 months old a couple of days before Thanksgiving. I don’t even know where to begin.  Maybe that’s why I totally blew past a 19 month update… life is such a whirlwind of new and improved experiences with … Continue reading

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18 Months

My baby turned 18 months old yesterday.  Oh, aching heart, how do I have a one and a half year old? At her Well-Baby checkup yesterday, she was 20lbs, 7.5oz, and 31 inches long.  Her doctor is happy she is … Continue reading

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What Happened This Weekend – 9/13 – 9/14

Hope everyone’s weekend was great!  Mine was pretty good, despite a total lack of sleep… Teething is the worst. We did have a breakthrough, though (haha, no pun intended…) and Harlow got TWO teeth yesterday!  They are the last two … Continue reading

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17 Months

I think I have said this every month for the past 17 months, but how?  How has another whole month flown by?  How is my baby a whole month older?  Slow down, time outside of work!  Anyhoosies… moving on. Getting … Continue reading

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16 Months

Well, that month flew by! Harlow is 16 months old! In addition to all the things she could do at 15 Months, she can also now: Jump!  She loves to jump, and can get an inch or so off the … Continue reading

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